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“He’s a Kiwi bro!” “No he’s not, he’s an Aussie!”

There’s been many heated discussions about where some individuals and icons are from – NZ or Australia. Both countries like to claim them.

Both countries also like to happily gift some individuals as “yours, you can have ‘em”.

We’ve seen Kiwis singing Advance Australia Fair (cough, splutter…Robbie Deans), and Aussies doing the haka.

It’s all in good humour (most of the time anyway!) which is a reflection of the good natured rivalry between the two countries – just think of other countries that are neighbours and the nature of their rivalries!

If the main thing we fight about is where certain people are from them I think we’re fine as friendly neighbours.

We’ve listed some and icons below in various categories. Tell us what you think. Who and what have we missed?

Kiwis the Aussies have tried to claim
1. Lamingtons
2. Crowded House
3. Phar Lap
4. Pavlova
5. Jane Campion
6. Rebecca Gibney
7. Keisha Castle-Hughes
8. Split Enz
9. The All Whites performance at the 2010 FIFA World Cup
10. Hugh Riminton
11. Sam Neil
12. Alan Dale
13. Keith Urban
14. Sonny Bill Williams
15. Brad Thorn
16. Nathan Cayless
17. Richard Wilkins

Kiwis the Aussies can have – take ‘em!
1. Karmichael Hunt (rugby league and AFL)
2. Quade Cooper (rugby union)
3. Willie Mason (rugby league)

Who wants them?
1. Robbie Deans
2. Russell Crowe

Aussies we’ve claimed as Kiwis
1. Jessica Watson
2. Steve Price
3. Steve Divine
4. Brent Webb

Have we put some people and icons in categories you don’t agree with?

Who and what have we missed out?

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